• Aquathon Events
    YMCA Swim Lessons 100m run plus 25m swim
    Primary School Aged 0.5km run, 50m swim, 0.5km run
    Middle School Aged 1km run, 100m swim, 0.5km run
    Short Course 1km run, 400m swim, 1km run
    Long Course 1.5km run, 400m swim, 1.5km run
  • Entry fees per person
    YMCA Swim Lessons $15 / Session
    Primary School Aged $3 / Session, $10 / Week
    Middle School Aged $8 / Session, $30 / Week
    Short Course $390
    Long Course $2800
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Evie enjoyed her day! We couldn't have achieved this without the support and kindness of local business

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In 2017, the Horsham YMCA raised $8814 which provided 120 students access

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